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FANCHON is a dreamgrunge band based in London.

"Deftones Meets Wolf Alice"                           "Angry Taylor Swift"                               "Female fronted Tool" 

FANCHON began as a solo project by Fanchon Dehillotte, with a focus on poetry based lyrics that reflect her childhood spent travelling around Europe and her interest in reshaping concepts into relatable narratives. Frazer was initially brought on board as a producer, but naturally evolved the project into a creative collaboration between the two whose influences and artistic processes are evidently complimentary. The band was completed by the addition of old friends Ewan (bass) and Jacob (drums), whose presence allowed FANCHON to begin regularly gigging whilst reconstructing a heavier sound.

The band decided to keep the name FANCHON due to the intrigued reactions it receives, placing itself in a grey area although now representing what is unquestionably and conspicuously a synergic four piece.

The band places high importance on world building and DIY ethos. This is demonstrated by their self sufficiency in designing merchandise, putting on gigs with peer bands such as A Void and Pest, and self creating all their promotional visual content.

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'Down Beside Me' titles a collection of 4 singles, working together as an EP due to their common lyrical themes and compositional textures.

This EP cycle marks the destination of FANCHON as a band, having found their authentic sound through a unique amalgamation of influences ranging from grunge to shoegaze to hardcore. This blending of heavy energy music and 'power in softness' vocals has become their signature, explored through many different forms but ever identifiable within their already large bank of unreleased music.

PRELIMINARY shows how something beautiful and constructive can be equally dark and destructive by recounting the beginning stages of infatuation. 

GROW is a release of unfulfilled urges; utilising a metaphor of roots spreading uncontrollably with a hopeful conclusion that something which is grounded in negative energy can still grow into something good.

HUMMING tells the story of a lingering loneliness, never noticed until it was brought to the surface by discovering companionship and then losing it.

Finally, JOY BRINGS ME DOWN is a playful chain of thought about the fluctuation of emotions and how people may sometimes avoid fully experiencing joy in order not to notice its opposites.

All encompassed, the 'Down Beside Me' energy is one of yearning and duality.


                 3/FEB/23 - Single 1: Preliminary 

                 10/FEB/23 - Preliminary Music Video 

                 3/MAR/23 - Single 2: Grow

                 10/MAR/23 - Grow Lyric Video

                 11/AUG/23 - Single 3: Humming

                 8/SEP/23 - Single 4: Joy Brings Me Down

                 15/SEP/23 - Joy Brings Me Down Music Video


                 Single recorded and mixed by Shuta Shinoda at Hackney Road Studios

                 4 track EP self recorded and produced

                 2 singles recorded and mixed by Josh Harrisson at Brighton Electric

For Fans Of: Deftones, Lana Del Rey, Alice in Chains, Wolf Alice, Sonic Youth


15/7/23 Permanent Creeps Headline at Dream Bags and Jaguar Shoes

24/9/23 Day Festival in Chelmsford 

TBC 'Down Beside Me' Release Gig with Curser and Sulk


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"Her melodic voice adds a beautiful feminine aspect which works surprisingly well with Holloway’s darker edginess. It’s that clash of styles that come together to form a symbiotic and grandiose outpouring of beautifully hypnotic music."

RED Rock Magazine

"...a whole slew of styles into the mix from the punk roots to the alternative rock elements that further add to the track’s emotional core. Her ability to cover such a vast range of emotion further helps to give the piece a true kindness to it all, one that has a great power."

Fruit Sonic


(+44) 7923493922

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